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Disclaimer: While every care has been taken in the preparation of this Competition News Bulletin to ensure its accuracy at the time of publication, Vaish Associates Advocates assumes no responsibility for any errors which despite all precautions, may be found therein. Neither this bulletin nor the information contained herein constitutes a contract or will form the basis of a contract. The material contained in this document does not constitute / substitute professional advice that may be required before acting on any matter. All logos and trademarks appearing in the newsletter are property of their respective owners.

We are glad to share the September 2021 edition of our newsletter – Competition News Bulletin.
Some highlights of this issue are as under:
  • Competition Commission of India (CCI) imposes penalty of INR 200 Crore on Maruti Suzuki Ltd for its discount control policy.
  • CCI directs investigation against Google for alleged abuse of dominant position in the Smart TV market
  • CCI closes case against Uber for alleged abuse of dominant position
  • CCI approves acquisition of 70% equity shareholding in Aakash Education Service Ltd by BYJUS
The Bulletin, now in the 11th year of publication, is amongst India’s first comprehensive Newsletter on the subject published by Vaish Associates Advocates with an aim to supplement CCI’s efforts towards competition advocacy.

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