March 26, 2018

Between the Lines - March 2018

We are pleased to share with you a copy of our newsletter “Between the Lines”, March 2018, a briefing on legal matters of current interest.
Below are the key highlights of the publication:
  • Moratorium applicable not only to the assets of the corporate debtor but also to the assets of the personal guarantor
  • Financial creditor has similar rights against the guarantor and the principal borrower in case of simultaneous insolvency proceedings
  • Requirement of prior notice under Section 34(5) of the Arbitration Act before filing the arbitration petition is not mandatory
  • Fresh proceedings before NCLT under IBC admissible regardless of winding up petitions before Company Court admitted and pending disposal
We trust that you will find the same useful. Looking forward to receiving your valuable feedback.
For any details and clarifications, please feel free to write to:
Mr. Bomi Daruwala: [email protected]