November 07, 2017

MCA - Press Release on Struck-off the Companies and disqualified Directors

MCA has released a press release stating that:
  1. Based on the massive drive undertaken by the Ministry in the recent past, around 2.24 lakh companies have been struck-off till date for remaining inactive for a period of two (2) years or more. Further, over 3,000 disqualified Directors are Directors in more than 20 companies each, which is beyond the limit prescribed under the Law.
  2. To address the criminality angle, the Director, Additional Director or Assistant Director of SFIO have been recently authorized to arrest any person believed to be guilty of any fraud punishable under the Act.
  3. Steps are underway for setting-up National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA), an independent body, to test check Financial Statements, prescribe Accounting Standards and take disciplinary action against errant professionals.
  4. A separate initiative is underway to develop a State-of-the-Art software application to put in place an 'Early Warning System' (EWS)  to strengthen the Regulatory Mechanism. Moreover with a view to check the problem of Dummy Directors, action is underway to seed DIN with PAN and Aadhaar at the stage of DIN application through biometric matching for new applications. The same may be extended to legacy data in due course.
Copy of the press release is attached herewith for your reference.
For any details and clarifications, please feel free to write to:
Ms. Puneet Bhatia[email protected]