February 26, 2018

Competition News Bulletin - Special Edition - Feb 2018

For most of us Google Search has now become indispensable. But are you aware that the results which appear on the first page of Google search are not always independent and may not reflect the best choices. Whether Google provides this service free  and fairly or is biased to suit its own financial interests, by abusing its dominant position in the general search, has been a subject of investigation by antitrust / competition authorities all over the globe and in June 2017, Google was penalized with the largest fine ever imposed on a single undertaking i.e. Euro 2.42 Billion by the European Commission in its famous Google Search (Shopping) Case AT-39740.
For similar reasons, Google was also investigated in India by our fair market regulator, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) and on conclusion of the 5 yearlong investigation, Google has been found to have abused its dominant position in its advertising services relating to Google Flights and one more. A penalty of Rs. 136 Crores has been imposed on Google by CCI vide its order dated 08.02.2018 by a majority decision .
We are happy to share a brief analysis on the CCI order on Google and hope that you will find it useful.
You may download the soft copy of Competition News Bulletin - Special Edition - Feb 2018.
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