India Business Guide : Start-Up to Set-Up - Latest Edition

India Business Guide: Start-up to Set-up is a compendium of laws, rules and regulations that govern Indian businesses, which are updated as on November 2015 (unless otherwise specified) and presented in a reader-friendly manner. This publication, pre- pared after a detailed research and wide consultations among experts, attempts to give discerning investors, both domestic and international, a kaleidoscopic idea of establishing presence in India and, importantly, doing business in India.

“Focus India”, “Make in India”, “Invest in India” are the much talked about words in boardrooms across the world. India’s continental market, sustained high growth, large- scale capacity building, particularly in the manufacturing and service sectors, addition of millions of high net-worth individuals every year, propensity to absorb investments, especially in the frontier areas of technology, unprecedented blossoming of entrepreneur- ship, etc, are well known and documented. A combination of all these factors makes India one of the most-happening business destinations in the world. The thematic sequencing of the book is crafted in a way so as to unravel the “India Advantage” factor to the myriad business corporations, foreign investors, analysts and the swelling ranks of entrepreneurs. A practical approach to forming joint ventures, technology transfer, formation of companies, intellectual property rights, investment opportunities in important sectors, etc, has been adopted. The book also dwells upon subjects like investment framework, governance including corporate governance framework, trade and competition policies, over- view of various key enactments governing  businesses, issues concerning expatriates working in India, etc. It also provides links to important government, business and other relevant websites.

The Government of India has embarked upon economic reform process with the twin objective of opening up of the Indian economy to attract foreign investment and to accelerate its process of global integration. Against this backdrop, it has been the endeavor of the Government to benchmark the country’s laws and regulations vis-à- vis the best glob- al practices. This has led to quick and progressive adjustments in the economic and commercial laws of India. It is, therefore, important to keep pace with the changing dynamics of the legal landscape.

The publication captures the changes taking place in the legal and policy framework and the abounding business opportunities emerging on account of progressive policy flexibility. Yet, the book, in no way, seeks to substitute the expert advice and guidance that must be sought on specific projects and issues that an investor or entrepreneur may be con- fronted with. It serves as a valuable guide to your “India strategy”.

India Business Guide: Start-up to Set-up is a consolidation of the body of experience and incisive knowledge accumulated over the years at Vaish Associates Advocates. The seminal contributions of the team of professionals and their penchant for looking at every conceivable aspect of enactments governing businesses are commendable.

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